• What size generator should I get for my house?
    The size of generator you purchase is depedant entirely on your home. Generally speaking for most home uses somewhere between a 15KW and 20KW should be enough. If you want to be able to run everything including your air conditioning this size will go up. The best thing to do is contact a local electrical contractor who can assist you in picking out the size that will meet your needs most effectively.
  • Why should I maintain my generator?
    Maintaining your generator properly will yield a number of positive effects. It will ensure that the generator maintains an optimal output which can mean the difference between some things working and some things not working. It will also improve it's fuel performance which with today's rising fuel costs can make a big difference. It will also help improve the life span of your generator signifigantly and allow you to catch minor problems and repair them before they turn into major problems. Maintaining a generator is much like maintaining your car. Over the life span of the generator it can greatly reduce your costs associated with using it.